Types of Activities to more fit

Any exercise that involves the major groups of muscle in your body is recommended for cardiovascular fitness. You must do physical activities that are easily controlled in terms of intensity, provide an adequate means of expending calories, and has a low probability of injury. Start with lower intensity workout for a longer duration at the start of your fitness programme, progressing to more and varied activities as you become more fit. If you want to be fit, follow the FITT Paradigm below:

F -  FREQUENCY  3-4 times per week

I -  INTENSITY 60%  Maximum Heart Rate

T - TIME (DURATION)  30 minute and more

T - TYPE  Aerobic/Endurance Exercise

Individualising the Exercise Workout
You have been presented with the guidelines for exercise programmes to improve fitness of the general public. The Target Heart Rate (THR) is based on the minimal threshold of 60% Maximum Heart Rate (MHR). But you may encounter friends with different levels of fitness, so you must encourage them to exercise in the THR zones and appropriate duration that cause the desired training effect and the expenditure of calories.

The first step in calculating THR is to estimate Maximal Heart Rate (MHR).

220 age (years) = Age adjusted MHR

Example: For 40-year-old person

220-40 = 180bpm

Now use your age

220 - ......... = ............ bpm

The second step is to calculate the THR zone.

70 % MHR = Low end of THR zone

Example: 70% of 180 bpm = 126 bpm

85% MHR = High end of THR zone

85% of 180 bpm = 153 bpm

Your health is enhanced if you find ways to engage in at least 30 minutes of moderate-intensity physical activities regularly. Fitness changes can be achieved if you place an overload on your muscle, organs of the body and allow an adaptation to occur over time. When these activities become easy, gradually increase the intensity to about 65% to 70% of maximal heart rate. This would expend about 200 kcal to 300kcal per session.

*Remember every exercise session must start with a warm-up, followed by exercises at the target heart rate zone and ends with some cooling-down exercises.

Good luck...


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