Tips on Nutrition while trekking

The key to nutrition on your trek is to maintain a constant flow of energy throughout your challenge. The information given in the introduction to this section gives you an excellent idea of how to look after yourself in the build up to your challenge as you train. However, on the challenge itself, you are at the mercy of the cooks as to what food you will receive. Have no fear! They will provide you with everything you need to maintain your energy levels throughout the day.

The most important aspect of any trek is cleanliness. Keep your hands scrupulously clean. By avoiding bugs and germs, you’ll be able to keep your food down, which has to be the best nutritional tip of all!

Five top nutrition tips:

1. Little and often

Eat constantly. When you stop for a break, have a Kit Kat. The aim is to avoid an “energy low” by keeping the flow of energy at a constant level.

2. Clear and Copious

Make sure you are well hydrated by checking the color of your urine. It should be clear and there should be lots of it! If this is not the case you may be dehydrated. A “platypus” is a great method of being able to drink whenever you want without having to stop – just ask at your local specialist trekking shop.

3. Energy boost

For those moments when you need that extra something, chomp on your favorite Tracker, Mars bar or Boost to keep you ticking over. You might also want to consider taking some energy “drink” with you in the form of tablets, which you can dissolve in your water bottle.

4. A Camp

Often, when you get into “camp” you’ll have the option of a cup of something hot. Hot chocolate is a good option rather than tea or coffee. It gives you a morale boost and helps you hydrate at the same time.

5. When you return

Continue to eat well. This will help you to avoid any post event coughs and colds as well as helping you to recover well. Congratulate yourself with a glass of champagne and a slap up dinner – you deserve it!

27 August 2012


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