Ujian Kecergasan Jasmani Kebangsaan(UKJK)

UKJK (Ujian Kecergasan Jasmani Kebangsaan) National Physical Fitness Test

UKJK- Ujian Kecergasan Jasmani Kebangsaan (National Physical Fitness Test) This test is an internationally accepted procedure to assess the fitness level of an individual. From the results of this test, the individual will know his fitness level and take appropriate measures to improve his health and fitness status through proper exercise, diet and changes in his life-style. The test itself consists of 7 tests to measure the different fitness components. The fitness components tested are:

1. Stamina: This is the ability of the body to do work over a long period of time without feeling undue fatigue. Stamina is also known as Cardiovascular Fitness as it is related to the cardiovascular function of the body. This is the most important of all the fitness components.The test for this component is the 2.4 km run.

2. Strength: This is the force generated when muscles contract maximally.A persons ability to carry weights externally or internally (ie his own body) shows his strength. The test for this component is the body push ups,which is different for males and females.

3. Power: This is the force generated when muscles contract maximally in a given time. Thus if a person can jump or throw further , he or she has more muscle power. The test for this is the standing broad jump.

4. Agility and Speed: This is related to power, where muscle contraction is done quickly and the body is able to turn and twist efficiently. The shuttle run test is the test for this component.

5. Flexibility: This is the ability for the joints of the body to move in all the angles easily without feeling restricted. The test for this component is the sit and reach test.

6. Muscle Endurance: This is the ability for the mucles to contract over a sustained period of time. The test for this is the number of sit ups a person can perform in one minute.

7. Body Fat Composition: This test measures ones body fat % in the body. This is also a very important component of a persons fitness. The test involves measuring the weight, height, waist and hip measurements.

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